$99 Custom Cases vs. Higher End Cases

Did you know that we are the only custom cases company in the United States that offers custom road cases starting at just $99? These provide a light duty solution for equipment protection and occasional travel. Plus, they come in any style you need and they’re made right here in the US of A.

High end custom cases that cost well above $99 will have features like custom partitions, tray style cases, front and back lids, customized foam blockings, lids that convert into workstation “legs”, custom cubbies, retractable handles, beige tweed exteriors, custom double doors, roll open options and ATA-worthy builds that are capable of extensive travel. For $99, however, you do get your choice of custom cases that are constructed of sturdy 1/4” plywood which is laminated to a heavy nubtext vinyl exterior with a carpet-lined interior. And protective aluminum extrusions permanently rivet the case together. 

Please note that shipping is an additional charge, size restrictions apply and this product must be ordered via phone. Extra charges also apply to colors other than black (we do blue, red, camo, navy, burgundy and hunter green), wheel options, special interior work and additional hardware upgrades.

Roadcases USA will be glad to build your custom road cases in a suitcase style with a hinged lid, for amplifiers, for heads, for mixers, for keyboardsor for other special equipment. For occasional gigging, regular practicing and light travel there is no better custom case option. And no matter what you need, we can build it! Send us your specs, fax over a diagram or even bring your product into our office and we’ll work up a custom quote for you. If there is an equipment case style you’re in need of that isn’t on our list, just give us a ring at (877) 824-3199.

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