A Word About Garry King

Garry King is a British born Drummer, Producer and Motivational Speaker.

He has been fortunate to have worked for and been associated with a number of major artists and companies including guitar legend – Jeff Beck, Paul McCartney, Joe Lynn Turner, Grammy nominated producer Rick Hale and Grammy winning producer Tom Bee in the US.

His drumming focus is on pure groove and the song itself, and is well versed in a full range of styles from Heavy Rock, Contemporary/Chart Pop to Fusion.

In 2007 Garry developed the music industry end of Garnoe Creative Group now ‘La Foret Groupe’ creating production and tour recourses for other artists and companies including stage design, transport, sound and light and musicians for projects.

In 2009 Garnoe Creative Group produced Joe Lynn Turner’s (Deep Purple, Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen) Latin American ” High Gear” tour, followed by “The Blood Red Sky Tour” in 2010. Garry played throughout both tours which played 20 shows in major cities and recorded sessions with Joe Lynn Turner and the band at C4 Estudios in Sao Paulo, Brazil and a full production video for the track “Blood Red Sky”

They have continued to work on creating events with other artists including Tony Martin (Black Sabbath) Ted Poley (Danger Danger) and Brian Howe (Bad Company) to name a few, its all about making things happen.

News 2011 – Garry co founded the band and latest project ACHILLEA with guitarist Paul Jupe. ACHILLEA a power metal project with a European symphonic and industrial edge. Tracks are due to be released in January 2012. Garry also signed to Online Session Masters for studio recording as well as live performance internationally

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