Ascension Tour Kickstarter Campaign!

About this projectThe Ascension Tour is an independent musicians tour featuring some if the finest indie artists in the US. The tour is a roundabout tour and launches in Los Angeles, CA Sep 23rd, goes up to Seattle, WA and ends in N. Hollywood on Oct 15th. We will play at many cities along the way, including San Fransisco, Eugene, OR, Portland and more to be added.

The indie musicians pay out of pocket travel expense. I wish to raise funds to help reduce that expense and cover the costs of transportation (including gas), food & lodging. These artists are all trying to build their careers on their own.

Some of the artists include: Texas rocker David Martinez, 2010 L.A. Hot Adult Contemporary performer of the year 2010 Alexa James, Portland indie musician Woody Moran, L.A. bands. Djinn & Native June

More to be announced.

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