Asphalt Messiah

The members of Asphalt Messiah hail from different points of the country, but all bring something special to the table collectively. This diversity has allowed them to create music that brings “all people” to the same concert hall.

Thier racial diverstisty is their strength and is a true representation that we can all achieve great things together.

Asphalt Messiah – Uniting Rock, Pop & Hip/Hop, Breaking Racial Stereotypes with a New Sound, Unique Blends, Driving Rhythms and Strong Melodies. A Band to be heard for ALL PEOPLE

Link to new music video for “Don’t forget the Fallen” in support of our men and women in uniform:

Asphalt Messiah

Genre: Rock marries Hip Hop and dates R&B on the side.

Ticket count average last 7 shows: 600 plus.

Radio: 12 Countries.. 3000 plus spins

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Current digital distribution: , itunes, Rhapsody,Amazon Music,Napster

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