22-track collection out now on Peaceville Records

CALIFORNIA – West Coast death metal pioneer, Autopsy, has teamed up with for a special giveaway in celebration of All Tomorrow’s Funerals, the massive 22-track collection of re-mastered Autopsy classics and rarities which released on Tuesday via Peaceville Records. The site is giving away one vinyl copy and one CD copy of the collection, so head over to: for all the details.  All Tomorrow’s Funerals can be purchased now through the Peaceville web-store on CD: or double vinyl:!cid_615FEB88-8B1E-43C3-9E4B-B15E665A624A

The track list for All Tomorrow’s Funerals is…
1.  All Tomorrow’s Funerals
2.  Broken People
3.  Mauled To Death
4.  Maggot Holes
5.  The Tomb Within
6.  My Corpse Shall Rise
7.  Seven Skulls
8.  Human Genocide
9.  Mutant Village
10. Horrific Obsession
11. Feast of the Graveworm
12. Funereality
13. Fiend For Blood
14. Keeper Of Decay
15. Squeal Like A Pig
16. Ravenous Freaks
17. A Different Kind of Mindfuck
18. Dead Hole
19. Retribution For The Dead
20. Destined To Fester
21. In The Grip of Winter
22. Sign of the Corpse

 “Mauled To Death,” a vintage Autopsy track that has finally surfaced from the tomb as part of this monstrous album, is currently streaming online on at:, while the music video for the collection’s title track (directed and edited by George Anderson) can be seen on Vimeo at:

!cid_45888919-2CB4-4994-BDF4-467F6D81BC70One of the early breed of US death metal acts, and most respected names in the genre, Autopsy formed in 1987 in San Francisco, and released four albums on Peaceville Records – beginning with the classic debut Severed Survival in 1989 – before disbanding in 1995 with members going on to form Abscess.
Autopsy triumphantly and officially returned from the grave after a 15-year hiatus with the 2010 EP, ‘The Tomb Within,’ delighting critics and fans alike. The band then released its fifth full length, and first since 1995, Macabre Eternal, in 2011. Stay tuned for more info on Autopsy and All Tomorrow’s Funerals.
Autopsy is…

Chris Reifert – drums/vocals
Danny Coralles – guitar
Eric Cutler – guitar
Joe Trevisano – bass

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