Our Best Selling Rack Cases

Road Cases USA is your premier resource for high quality amp racks, effects racks and shock racks to store, ship and transport various equipment. We have a wide variety of depths and spaces, providing reliable, resilient and versatile protection. Mixers, amplifiers, effect systems and other professional audio and video equipment are just the start; rack mount cases can also be used to store computer server equipment, allowing for dense hardware configurations that won’t require a great deal of space.

These are some of our most popular rack mount cases:

The 8 Space 8u 12″ Deep Heavy Duty 3/8″ ATA Effects Rack Case comes with rear rack rails and one recessed handle on its front lid for convenient carrying.

The 8 Space 8u 18″ Deep Heavy Duty 3/8″ ATA Amp Rack Case features extra-deep spaces with easy transport rear rack rails and long-lasting rust resistant hardware.

The 6 Space 6u 12″ Deep Heavy Duty 3/8″ ATA Effects Rack Case sports heavy-duty plywood and aluminum construction for long-term equipment protection.

Since 1976, Road Cases USA has created low-price, high-durability custom cases such as these for musicians and other industry professionals across the country.

We offer ATA and custom cases for a full line of products, including:

• Rolling, light and heavy-duty ATA rack mount cases
• Keyboards
• Amps
• Guitars
• Mixers
• Computers and monitors
• LCD and plasma televisions
• Lighting and sound equipment
• …and so much more!

Our innovative custom cases are made to suit your individual requirements, keeping your musical instruments and other electronics safe from damage while in storage or on the road. If you have questions, we have answers. Please call us at (877) 824-3199 or ask for more information and order your rack case today. We look forward to serving you.

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