Buying Heavy Duty ATA Cases

Heavy-duty ATA cases are one of the best means for getting gear to a performance, home or studio without incident. Heavy-duty ATA cases protect the sensitive equipment within the structure and are designed to withstand the tribulations of road travel. If you’re thinking about investing in heavy-duty ATA cases, there are a few things that you should be aware of. Making sure that your cases have the right amount of thickness and accessories is essential before purchasing. Here are a few things to look for in heavy-duty ATA cases.


Durability is going to be the main concern when dealing with ATA cases. When you are searching for ATA cases make sure that you go with cases that have 3.8” plywood. This thickness is designed to handle scratching, falling and other hassles associated with flight and road travel. Go with cases that come with plastic laminate on the outside of the case. This plastic laminate is designed to keep the wood from rotting and to keep excess moisture away from your equipment.


Buying an ATA case with wheels is going to make your life a lot easier during breakdown and setup. Some heavy-duty ATA cases do not have casters. Invest in a model that does come with wheels so you aren’t lifting the case or dragging it across a stage.


The hardware on the case should be made out of a durable material. The catches and the handles should be recessed, making the case stackable both horizontally and vertically. The corners on ATA cases are vulnerable so make sure that you invest in a case that has steel corners. This will keep the case from spitting or cracking if it should roll during transport. 

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