Buying the Right Projector Case

Projector cases are an excellent accessory for companies or individuals that need to move or store their projectors when not in use. Buying the right projector case for your equipment is necessary to keep your projector and especially its lenses protected.  It is also a good way to keep all of your projector accessories together. Here is a short guide to helping you select the right projector case for your needs. 


Actual dimensions of your projector are key to locating a well-fitting case for your equipment. A very common misconception is that the owner’s manual or the Internet will have the correct dimensions for your projector. Always physically measure the projector yourself before you contact a company for a projector case. The Internet and owner’s manuals are frequently inaccurate dimensions so you need to do the work yourself. Use a tape measure and measure the projector from left to right, front to back and top to bottom.


Protection is vital to keeping your projector safe while in transit. Make sure that you purchase a projector case that has padding or foam lining on the inside of the case.  This will keep the projector from breaking if the case slides around in your car or while in transit. Projectors are extremely sensitive so you want to buy a projector case that will keep your equipment secured during the most extreme circumstances. Never buy a projector case that does not have foam lining. The projector will bounce around inside the case and could be permanently damaged. 


There are a lot of projector cases that will allow you to use the projector while it is inside the case. This is a great way to keep the projector protected at all times, but it is also a good way to set up and break down your presentations quickly. Have the model number of the projector ready when you contact RoadCasesUSA and our staff will be able to find the right projector case for your model so you can use the equipment right from the case.

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