Choosing Between Soft Cases or Hard Cases for Guitars

Our dependable and resilient hard cases for guitars are built with the musician on the go in mind. RoadCasesUSA’s hard cases for guitars are the foremost choice in safeguarding during the transportation and storage of guitars of all types. Even for the most careful owner, purchasing a hard case for your guitar can save you the cost of repair or replacement many times over. The awesome look of our hard guitar cases are only outdone by their incredible durability.

Soft cases are lighter, lower profile and less expensive than hard cases for guitars but they won’t preserve the integrity of your instruments functionality and look, no matter how well-built the guitar or soft case is. RoadCasesUSA has been designing and making hard cases for guitars for over 35 years.  Our custom guitar cases are constructed with custom shock-absorbing, precut foam inserts making our hard cases gentle on the inside to keep your guitar comfortable and tough enough on the outside to keep danger at bay. Choose from a selection of Dreadnaught acoustic, Fender P. Bass, Fender Strat, Explorer cases and more. We also make “uncut” guitar cases to fit custom-made guitars and other designs and brands.

Being able to grab up your guitar with the confidence that it will stay intact and in tune no matter what unexpected situations arise is important whether playing live music or laying down tracks in a studio. When you buy hard cases for guitars from us, we ensure you’ll have the perfect all-purpose protection solution for your cherished instrument.

The guitar is the most popular and ubiquitous instrument in the world. Whether it’s an acoustic, electric, classical, twelve-string, bass guitar or any other type, the preservation of this beautiful, versatile instrument should be at the forefront of every musicians mind. Accidents can happen anywhere, so keeping them safe and secure whether on the road or around the home is vitally important to their endurance throughout the years. Soft cases are great for protecting against superficial scratches and marks, but for real gigging and transport (even if it’s from just one house to another), hard cases are your best bet.

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