Choosing Between Supply Cases and Trunk Cases

Choosing the right supply cases for your business is an important decision. Having the right supply and trunk cases for your equipment is one of the best ways to keep your instruments, lighting and mixers safe while on the road. When you are looking to invest in new trunk cases and supply cases, there are a few things that you should take into account before you choose the case that is right for your needs. 


Finding the right supply cases for your band, company or clients is essential. Choosing the right size for the equipment that you need is going to be another aspect of choosing the right trunk cases or supply cases for your needs. Determine the right size by taking a look at your equipment. RoadCasesUSA has a lot to choose from in both of these categories. It’s better to buy a single case per piece so that you can designate that equipment to one case. 


You’ll also need to consider the shapes and sizes of the supply cases and trunk cases you’ll need when selecting the right case for you. RoadCasesUSA carries a wide variety of supply case shapes so you will be able to find the right shape for your needs. If you are planning to safely store your lighting gear then you might want to consider supply cases that are rectangular. If you have smaller items that can be packed together, a cube shaped case might offer the best solution to your storage needs. Your choices will depend on the equipment that you have in your inventory so think carefully before you purchase supply cases.


There are two choices when buying supply cases and trunk cases. You can either go with an interior that has black carpet lining or select a case with a bare wood interior. Supply cases are generally lined while trunk cases have bare wood interiors. If you need a little more padding for your equipment, choose a supply case. If your equipment does not require a carpet lining, trunk cases will be your best choice. This is all going to depend on your company or band’s needs. RoadCasesUSA keeps a full inventory of supply cases and trunk cases so you will be able to find the right case for whatever you are transporting.  If you go with a bare wood trunk case, remember that you can always purchase our foam lining later. 

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