Custom Shipping Cases for Light, Medium and Heavy-Duty Users

Road Cases USA deals in rugged, sleek and long-lasting shipping cases for musicians, DJs and more. From the casual gig’er to the touring professional, Road Cases USA has got you covered.

Choose from hundreds of sizes within our three main tiers of custom cases:

Our Tuffbox Series is a light-duty option great for band practice, weekend gigging and sporadic touring purposes. This innovative series features unique construction and lightweight, yet durable materials that won’t sacrifice case integrity, but will save buyers some bucks. The Tuffbox Series has some truly excellent features. Our heavy-duty metal handles, sturdy plastic-nylon buckles with webbing and heavy-gauge PVC angle & channel perimeter all add rigid durability. The choice of poly-foam or carpet-lined interior creates an inner safety net for your gear and the vinyl laminate exterior lends a unique flair to you Tuffbox’s look.

The Hybrid Series presents a medium-duty option with custom shipping cases that serve musicians who frequent band practice spaces, local shows and some touring as well. These cases can also meet the transit needs of salespeople who need to transport all types of products, samples and other promotional merchandise. The Hybrid Series’ features include medium-gauge aluminum extrusions, hinged lids, steel corners and surface-mounted (or recessed) latches and handles are great for adding improved longevity and reduced wear and tear, while the estafoam inner lining works to keep your equipment safe from within.

Road Cases USA’s heavy-duty Roadie Series sets the standard for any type of tour, travel, transport or triumph an owner can aspire to. The Roadie Series includes top-of-the-line features such as hinged lids, heavy-gauge aluminum, heavy PVC laminate and steel ball corners for ensuring years of dependable use with maximum reinforcement, while the recessed handles and “Butterfly Twist” latches endow trusty ease-of-use. The choice of an estafoam or bare wood interior provides yet another way to customize your equipment case to your personal preference.

Built for sturdiness, reliability and ease of use, Road Cases USA shipping cases are the premier choice in equipment transportation and fortification. Even for the most careful owner, purchasing our rough and tumble products can save you the cost of repair or replacement many times over. Contact us by calling 1-877-824-3199 or by contacting us via email right here. We look forward to helping you achieve your ambitions!

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