Different Types of Mixer Cases

Mixer cases come in different sizes, shapes and models. When you are trying to decide on the different types of mixer cases that you might need, it is important to go with one that will not only fit your specific mixer, but also be sure to select a case that will protect it properly. Many people prefer a mixer case that allows the mixer to sit and operate freely out of the case. Here are a few mixer cases that you can choose from. 

Allen and Heath Mix Wizard ATA Case

The Allen and Heath Mix Wizard ATA Case are excellent for on the road applications. This case comes with 12 space 21” tapped rails and a carpet lined interior. The case also has tapered blocks and opens up so you can use it on the road without having to take the mixer out of the case. It features strong aluminum and machine riveted bound extrusions as well as spring loaded recessed catches.

Heavy Duty Mixer Case with Doghouse and Wheels

A heavy-duty mixer case is essential for heavy applications such as road travel or flight travel with a large unit. These mixer cases feature high quality recessed hardware, foam lined protective interiors and heavy 4” duty casters. Whether you’re heading out on the road for a quick trip or going across the country, these mixer cases are a great choice.

Generic Mixer Cases

Generic mixer cases are great if you need a variety of cases but don’t want to spend the money on customized cases. Buying a generic case has a lot of different advantages such as foam sizing. Whether you’re using a generic case for a 30’ mixer or a 60’ mixer, you can usually switch the foam on the inside to customize the generic case for your unit. If you are going to invest in a generic mixer case, make sure that you go with a model that comes with recessed hardware and wheels for easy transport and added protection.

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