Essential Guitar Gear and Amp Cases For Musicians

Are you a beginning guitarist who wants to get the ‘aspiring musician’ ball rolling? Do you know one?  For those of us who feel like we’re tied to this earth by nothing but six strings, we know a guide for choosing the right guitars, guitar amp cases and other items would have been just the thing to start us off. Let’s go over a few pieces of musical equipment a beginner will need to get started.

A Guitar

Do you want an electric or acoustic?  Make sure you get a feel for available brands, styles, bodies and colors. Though you can do a great deal of research online, it’s important to go to your local guitar store and get your hands on the actual instrument to truly experience its action, weight, responsiveness and sound.

A Guitar Case

A guitar case is an important investment. And not just any case – a hard shell case. Its rigid body can take a far higher level of abuse than a soft case and will keep your guitar safe for years to come.

An Amp

Amps generally range from 10-1,000 watts.  A combo amp or half-stack is a perfect starter for a beginner guitar or bass player that will function well in their room, at band practice and even in most small and mid-sized venues. 

Custom Guitar Amp Cases

Just like you’ll need to protect your guitar, you’ll also need to provide protection for your amplifier, whether it cost $300 or $3,000.  RoadCasesUSA offers incredible custom guitar amp cases that are perfect for starting off the aspiring musician. These light-duty amp cases begin at $99 and are great around the house and for occasional travel, too. Upgrades such as custom interior work, extra hardware, enhanced wheel options, oversized capacity choices and custom colors are also available.


Extra picks, a comfortable neck strap, guitar cables, extra strings, a tuner and a guitar stand are all essential accessories necessary for any guitarist.

Get started the right way with an amp, amp cases, accessories, guitar case and of course, a great guitar. These will enable you can play, practice and gig confidently – and in style. RoadCasesUSA’s custom guitar amp cases begin at $99 and are the perfect complement for any new amplifier. Call RoadCasesUSA at (877) 824-3199 for more information today.

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