Get More Function and Value From Your Trade Show Exhibit Cases

If you currently exhibit at trade shows or plan to in the near future, then you are likely well aware of all the preparation it requires, not to mention what equipment you will need. From the booth graphics to the marketing materials, to lighting, computer equipment and monitors, to the actual booth components, the amount of equipment you need to store and transport can be quite substantial.

Typically, you’ll use trade show exhibit cases to transport most of your trade show equipment and items. Trade show equipment cases can be purchased in a wide range of sizes and styles and depending upon where you purchase them, they can also be quite expensive. However, there is an alternative that is not only more affordable, but also even more functional. Convertible trade show exhibit cases are far more cost-effective than standard cases, because they can actually be utilized as part of the trade show booth display, instead of just being used for storage and transport.  This can provide both cost and transportation savings.

Convertible exhibit cases fold out into a number of different configurations, forming tables, counters, shelving units, podiums and desks. Able to store several trade show items and equipment as well as serve as your trade show booth furniture, the convertible exhibit cases enable you to save money on additional furniture and items for your booth.  This provides additional savings by cutting costs on transport overall and the transportation of your storage equipment.

Trade show furniture that quickly transforms into exhibit cases for transport offer exhibitors a great advantage, saving them both time and money. A selection of convertible ATA exhibit cases can be found at RoadCasesUSA. They offer custom sizes and colors, and offer cases that are compact and easy to assemble. 

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