Hard Custom Cases to Protect Your Musical Instruments

Take a moment and picture your favorite instrument. Maybe it’s that electric guitar that you cherish so dearly or maybe it’s a vintage synthesizer keyboard that never leaves the house. What do you do when you’ve got to travel or transport that synthesizer? You could pack some blankets around it in your van or truck and hope that nothing goes wrong, or you could get a custom case.

Instrument cases keep gear safe in virtually every travel, storage, and transport scenario imaginable, and industry professionals rely on hard cases every day to make sure they’re able to do their jobs without equipment breaking or being destroyed mid-transport. Customizing instrument cases to fit the exact dimensions and specs of your equipment even further ensure its safety and security. 

Custom instrument cases are especially crucial when traveling by airplane. Not only can instruments potentially be damaged during air travel itself, but often in the chaos of the air travel experience instruments also become susceptible to damage in the security process, in the loading process, and even on their way to baggage claim. Having a custom case can ensure that your treasured equipment makes it through the airport and the flight in one piece.

Unfortunately, it seems that most companies charge what feels like an arm and a leg for high quality, custom instrument cases. There’s a misconception that lower prices mean lower quality. Road Cases USA’s custom road cases prove that you can get customized, durable protection for your most prized equipment at a price that simply can’t be beat. Your custom case from Road Cases USA is made from quarter-inch plywood laminated to heavy-duty nubtext vinyl on the outside, with protective carpet lining inside, and constructed with aluminum extrusions. 

Keep your gear safe and secure at all times; get your custom case from Road Cases USA and you’ll be sure that your equipment is protected in any situation. Whether it’s travel, storage, loading, or even light local transportation, unforeseen incidents happen all the time, so why not be prepared for anything and everything? A custom instrument case from Road Cases USA is the affordable, sensible way to protect your gear at all times.  

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