Help Choosing the Right Case

Here at Road Cases USA we offer a lot of choices when it comes to price and case type. We can make full blown ATA flight cases with all the bells and whistles and multi color choices, the works! We love making these cases and our proud to show them off but another thing we’re proud of is not over selling. If your needs don’t require a “battle worthy” case we offer multi-level design types and some extremely affordable cases. So if you’re not sure what type of case your situation calls for give one of our highly experienced case specialists a call most have worked in the industry for over 20 years, and play or have played in bands they can work with you and guide you through the process. Not just push what’s going to make them the highest commission. Remember one of our specialties is medium duty road cases that we can deliver super fast. Reach out we are here to help! 1-800-877-3199 ask for Bruce, Tom, Tony or Frank tell them Andy sent you.

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