ON ITUNES ‘Trust No One’ out now on Standby Records

ITALY – Italian post-hardcore/heavy metal outfit, Hopes Die Last, has posted the music videos for “Unleash Hell” and “Never Trust The Hazel Eyed” for digital download through iTunes. Fans can now own the bloodthirsty, two-part saga – complete with a twist of an ending, and inspired by the band’s favorite motion picture directors, Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino and Guy Ritchie – as part of their digital media collection. Commented vocalist, Daniele Tofani, “You will see what happens to the people who mess with Hopes Die Last!”21cid_6E5B8E66-9B62-44FB-AD1E-3C517D68154A

Download “Chapter One: Unleash Hell” here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/music-video/unleash-hell/id504974840, and “Chapter Two: Never Trust The Hazel Eyed,” here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/music-video/never-trust-the-hazel-eyed/id504971196.
Both tracks can be found on Hopes Die Last’s sophomore full-length record, Trust No One, which hit stores on Valentine’s Day via Standby Records.
The colossal blend of brutality and melody debuted at #54 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart, while also making appearances on both the Hard Rock (#63) and Independent (#161) charts.

The record was also the fifth most added on CMJ’s Loud Rock chart.


The track list for Trust No One is (click hyperlinks to listen on YouTube!)…
1. Never Trust The Hazel Eyed: (http://youtu.be/jBIUB33pFhA)
2. Sidney Shown (http://youtu.be/VfLB1ohweQQ)
3. Unleash Hell (http://youtu.be/y7xYs6MMVCE)
4. Life After Me Life After You (http://youtu.be/XrY0DFajQFA)
5. The Blue (http://youtu.be/xhRGIaUQ1UI)
6. Bill’s Got Only A Pair Of Queens (http://youtu.be/U8GNuEzZ1Y4)
7. This Song Plays Suicide (http://youtu.be/TdxVe72T4tE)
8. Air Raid Siren (http://youtu.be/HYpHGUlQbbk)
9. Firework (http://youtu.be/5WFNRpMbYJY)
10. The Same Old Fears (http://youtu.be/xNYyfPcop1o)
11. Icarus (Halfway Across The Sky) (http://youtu.be/zSRnPMHibos)
12. Keep Your Hands Off (feat. Nekso) (http://youtu.be/5zxdQZ9JJ0k)
Trust No One, the inaugural offering to Standby Records’ “Rock N’ Roll 2.0” movement, can be purchased online through iTunes at: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/trust-no-one/id492543917 or on HotTopic.com at: http://www.hottopic.com/hottopic/Music/Mp3CDs/NewReleases//Hopes+Die+Last+-+Trust+No+One+CD-351391.jsp. The record marks the first of a series of definitive releases from Standby Records, as the label looks to reenergize a tired and formulaic rock genre. “Rock N’ Roll 2.0” represents the ‘second coming’ of rock music, and Standby Records is proud to stand as the birthplace of the genre’s evolution. Stay tuned to the official Hopes Die Last Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hopesdielastofficial and StandbyRecords.net for more information on Hopes Die Last and Trust No One.

Hopes Die Last is…

Daniele Tofani – vocals
Ivan Panella – drums
Marco Mantovani – guitar, vocals
Luigi Magliocca – guitar
Marco “Becko” Calanca – bass, vocals

Hopes Die Last online…


Standby Records online…


About Hopes Die Last…

Originally formed in 2004, the band played locally generating a ton of buzz overseas which led to the release of two high octane EP’s and the highly praised first full-length record, Six Years Home, in 2009. Since then the band has toured throughout the world with Attack Attack!, Our Last Night and other renowned International acts. The band will be touring in support of Trust No One throughout 2012 across the globe.

About Standby Records…

Formed in 2007, Standby Records has made its name developing passionate, young artists by providing unparalleled enthusiasm and a DIY attitude. Standby Records is ready to act as the proud birthplace of “Rock N’ Roll 2.0,” the evolution of the genre. A new age of youth has emerged, and like its parents who exhibited their rebellious nature through music, this new breed has developed its own sound, look and attitude. Standby Records is there not only to embrace it, but to spread it to the masses.

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