The Ideal Instrument Case

Musicians on the road need to know that their instruments will arrive in top condition. So when shopping for a musical instrument flight case, while cost is a major factor, product durability is an important consideration as well. Whatever the size -whether you’re looking for trumpet cases, saxophone cases or sousaphone cases, Road Cases USA has the ideal instrument case for you. What’s ‘ideal’ about our musical instrument flight cases? It’s not just one feature – it’s a blend of qualities. Here are some features to consider:

Your ideal instrument case is made with your wallet in mind. Why pay hundreds more when you can get the same great protection for far less?

Sturdy musical instrument flight cases will provide peace of mind for the traveling musician. With Road Cases USA products, you’ll never have to worry about scratches, bumps, or other damage while in storage or on the road.

Features such as black-hued plastic laminate and shiny silver steel ball corners don’t just make your instrument case tough – they also make it eye-catching. We also offer custom colors to ensure your musical instruments arrive at your gigs in style.

We believe your instrument should be easy to retrieve or pack away in a hurry, and effortless to load, unload and tote around as needed. Spring-loaded, recessed catches achieve the former, while heavy-duty barrel dolly wheels accomplish the latter.

Our specially designed cases are available in a wide range of sizes and styles. Still, many of our customers ask for adjustments and upgrades – and we are happy to comply! Do you want four casters? Do you have highly specific measurements? Browse through our vast inventory of in-stock sizes online, and don’t hesitate to call and inquire about custom options.

From bare bones to bells and whistles, we’ve designed, manufactured and shipped out affordable, durable, attractive, accessible and customizable instrument cases for over 35 years. These cases are made with all high-quality materials for everything from daily use to air travel. We’ll be happy to accommodate your requests for special add-ons, color choices and any custom sizes and measurements you can dream of. With Road Cases USA, you have the ideal instrument case and the perfect solution for instrument protection. Call us at (877) 824-3199 to order your ideal case today.

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