Instrument Cases: Accessories or Insurance Policies?

Instrument cases are an incredibly worthwhile item because they are both an important possession as well as insurance for your other important possessions.  Let that sink in for a moment; cases aren’t just an accessory, they’re also your insurance.

Check out our amplifier, mixer, head and keyboard cases for just $99. Road Cases USA’s instrument cases are made in the USA and constructed using a quality ¼” laminated plywood base and nubtext vinyl that are as pleasing to the eye as they are protective to your gear.  The inside features a soft carpet lining which keeps your gear comfortable and scratch-free.

Road Cases USA is the only case company in America that offers a custom size case at just $99 in any style you need. These are perfect for someone that needs an outstanding case to protect equipment at home or on the road.  We also offer upgrades in the form of oversized cases, a selection of vibrant colors (blue, red, camouflage, navy, burgundy and hunter green), dolly wheels as well as special interior work and hardware upgrades.

Accidents can happen just about anywhere, so keeping your instruments safe and secure whether on the road or around your house is crucial to their longevity through the years. When you buy from Road Cases USA, you’re guaranteed the perfect all-purpose solution for your prized musical possessions. So remember, though some may view an instrument case as just an accessory, we know they’re even better than a premium insurance policy for your gear.

We have been serving professional musicians, music industry pros and enthusiasts since 1976, equipping them with quality cases for their most cherished instruments and gear. If there are instrument cases or other products in differing styles that you don’t see on our site, please give us a call at 1-877-824-3199 and we can discuss some great custom options.

Check out a video about our $99 cases right here.

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