New RoadCasesUSA Blog

This is my first attempt at a blog, I’ve been brought in by Road Cases USA to build and promote an e-commerce site. They’ve, well I guess we’ve, been in the road case and flight case manufacturing business for almost 36 years. I’ve been a music fan for nearly 40 years I started listening to my father’s Sam Cooke, Bobby Darin and my mom’s Elvis records when I 5 years old, I liked Mitch Miller to so I wasn’t as cool as I’d like to think. Regardless I’m a huge music fan and am very happy to work in a related field supplying road crews with every type of case imaginable. I figured a great idea for a blog would be to try and create a forum for roadies to share stories, ideas, tips for places to eat on the road, vent and hopefully ask questions about our cases, although I will not be pushing product I will post specials and new products from time to time.

So welcome to Roadie Resources please feel free to share and tell your friends and associates we would love to hear about life on the road.  Be sure to check out are friends over at if you’re looking for a job as a roadie or tech

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