Jacquet Guitars

“We offer a little something for everyone here: Rock, Blues or Jazz players. Our guitars are  mostly handmade, always the highest quality in the industry.

We have designed 3 models, the TC100 Anniversary, the TC200 Starlight and the TC300 Falcon. They feature some unique innovations never seen in the market before. 

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If you are looking for an unique custom guitars like Tele, Strat, Jazzmaster, you came in the right place we can definitely help you. We offer all possible options, wood, pickups configurations, etc… at a fair price

You will also find replacement parts for your favorite gear, bodies, necks, electronic mods for various model…”



“The TC100 Anniversary has an extra dose of Magic. With all of the obvious visual appeal, it was designed first and foremost for versatile sounds. The instrument is light, very well balance, extremely comfortable with an exclusive curved body (see pictures). This guitar is screaming out in crisp growling heaps, in part to its innovative construction”


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