Keep Your Instruments Safe with Flight Cases

Flight cases are excellent for keeping instruments safe and secure during air travel. Instruments have very sensitive parts on the inside and outside that can get damaged due to improper handling and pressure changes during a flight. A flight case is designed to keep your instruments protected from improper handling, changes in pressure and changes in moisture while in transit. If you have been thinking about buying an instrument case for air travel, a flight case is a noteworthy investment.

Whether you are playing a Gibson Les Paul or a 1989 Roland Juno 6, a flight case will save you a multitude of hassle when traveling. Flight cases are designed to give your instrument a snug fit so it will not rattle or bump the sides of the case during transit. RoadCasesUSA has a large selection of flight cases to keep your instrument safe with the right sizing. All of our flight cases come with pre-cut foam inserts that are molded to the specifications of your instrument. We have precut foam inserts for Fender, Gibson, Roland, Yamaha and other major manufacture’s instruments. Our flight cases come with a keylock so you can be sure that your instrument will not fall out or be tampered with during your flight.

RoadCasesUSA also carries flight cases for other instruments and equipment. Our company is the premier manufacturer for lighting, microphone, mixer and DJ cases. Whether you’re flying across the country or around the world, you rest assured that our cases will get your instruments and equipment to the gig without incident. RoadCasesUSA also carries flight cases for drum and guitar technicians. Our technician’s workcase gives techs the ability to store cables, strings, processors, pedals and accessories securely during travel.

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