Monitor Cases To Keep Your Investment Safe

Here at Road Cases USA, we make a variety of top-notch choices of resilient and striking monitor shipping cases available to our much appreciated customers. Not only have most of us worked in the industry for over 20 years, but we’ve also been manufacturing and supplying stock and custom monitor cases in a wide array of styles and colors for 35 years now.

Our monitor shipping cases are constructed of 1/4″ plywood with a heavyweight black vinyl laminate surrounded in aluminum extrusion and permanently machine split-riveted together. They are then finished with four high quality spring-loaded recessed catches and a strong recessed spring handle on top. All hardware is plated for protection against corrosion.  The interior is completely poly foam lined for the protection of your monitor. The case also comes with DIY (do it yourself) foam strips and sheeting to self-customize the inside to fit your specific monitor model.

Here are some of the incredible specs we’re proud to offer with these cases:

  • ATA, 1/4″ plywood construction (lightweight and durable material)
  • Black PVC hard laminate exterior (a finish that’s both attractive and hard-wearing)
  • Aluminum extrusions (for maximum protection)
  • Spring-loaded recessed latches (for easy access to your gear)
  • Recessed hardware (for years of reliable service)
  • Poly foamed interior (for trustworthy protection and safe transport)
  • DIY foam (for customization and flexibility options)
  • 18”-30” monitor cases with stands attached, all for a single price!
  • And, of course, our Road Cases are made right here in the USA!

Pick the monitor cases solution with the features that will make your lifestyle go. Road Cases USA has a wide variety of custom monitor shipping cases to keep your equipment safe and sound.  Contact us by calling (877) 824-3199 or by emailing us by using our form.  We look forward to providing you with the finest protection at the best price!

Please note: It is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL that you physically measure your monitor with stand (if any) and check your dimensions against the dimensions listed to determine if your monitor will fit in our monitor cases before purchasing.

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