Our Process For Building Your Custom Cases

When your equipment is in transit your best bet is to pack them in custom road cases that are both safe sturdy! Although cases come in a variety of shapes and sizes, musicians, DJs, traveling sales people and anyone else who may need the service of a road case will often find that a custom fit is best. To determine if a custom case will meet your requirements know that they are built and modified based on the specific instrument or other piece of gear they’ll protect. To better inform you this general description of our process will let you know what goes into each and every RoadCasesUSA product.

To build our custom road cases, we first laminate full sheets of plywood then cut them to the exact size specified.  Next the pieces are “dry fitted” to ensure that each section fits flawlessly. Then, we cut tapered aluminum to fit all edges and corners of the case for added protection and durability. The next step is to assemble the basic case and lid from the plywood pieces. Afterwards, clamps, ball corners are installed along with spring-loaded handles using aluminum rivets. We cut and attach compression foam padding to hold your equipment tightly. Finally we test all the different parts of the case before packing and shipping your custom equipment case to you.

Did you know that Road Cases USA is the only case company in America that offers custom cases starting at $99? These light duty custom road cases are perfect for occasional travel. Our custom, product-specific cases are constructed with a plywood base and laminated to a heavy nubtext vinyl outside with interior carpet lining. Aluminum extrusions are used to assemble the case and are permanently riveted together. These are a great value and completely upgradable! Other options include special interior work, hardware upgrades, wheel options, oversized cases and a variety of colors to select from.

Road Cases USA can design and build your custom road case in any shape you wish!  Call us at (877) 824-3199 to order yours today.

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