Providing Superior Protection with Custom Shipping Cases

high quality shipping case will play a critical role in transporting equipment safely and securely. These cases can be used in industrial, commercial or military services – or just for a band who is hitting the road. Unlike standard cases, Road Cases USA’s custom products are produced according to the customer’s needs, and are made to withstand the bumps, shocks and poor weather conditions that will likely be encountered on the road.

Our custom shipping cases feature three (Roadie, Tuffbox and Hybrid) levels of protection.  Each series is offered in hundreds of different sizes and provides steadfast, hard-wearing protection for all types of equipment.

The Roadie Series Shipping Case

These cases are constructed to meet the demanding standards of the Aviation Transportation Authority. The Roadie Series features thick plywood, heavy PVC laminate, heavy gauge aluminum, steel ball corners, a foam-lined interior and more for maximum protection and ease of use.

The Hybrid Series Custom Shipping Cases

Our hybrid cases are a medium duty solution that’s ideal for traveling trade show professionals, musicians, salespeople, lecturers or DJ’s. Heavy “Tolex” laminate, squared-off steel corners, your choice of surface-mounted or recessed latches, and handles and hinged lids make up just a portion of this series’ excellent attributes.

The Tuffbox Series Shipping Case

This series offers a great blend of lightweight materials that never sacrifice on the integrity of the case or the valuable equipment that’s housed safely inside. Plastic nylon buckles with webbing, heavy duty metal handles and PVC “shoebox” style pull-off lids are just some of the Tuffbox’s great features.

For storage, display or transport, our lightweight yet affordable cases are always the perfect fit. Choose from hundreds of available sizes in our online inventory, or contact us here to discuss your specific needs, and we will help you find the perfect fit for your equipment and your lifestyle. To ask a question or place your order, call us today at (877) 824-3199.

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