Quality Drum Cases for Both Novice and Seasoned Drummers

Looking for an affordable road case solution? RoadCasesUSA stocks a full line of drumcases, ATA style cases, medium-duty cases and our own exclusive TuffBox line. If you have custom gear or desire a little something extra, we can also create custom drum cases specifically for your kit. 

An amateur musician may enjoy the benefit of our pre-made TuffBox line of Combo Hardware Cases, which feature lightweight and durable ¼-inch plywood construction and an attractive vinyl laminate exterior. These drum flight cases are fully enclosed and designed to protect your bass drum, cymbals, stands, floor toms and high toms from both the outside elements and accidents. Another great choice is our ATA Combo cases, which feature a soft carpet lining to keep equipment from getting scratched, wheels for easy mobility and movable dividers for customization. RoadCasesUSA also sells customized individual cases to assist in drum transportation, negating the need to carry large combo cases.

A professional, touring musician might get better use out of a custom-made kit protector to fit their drum set’s precise dimensions, specifications and auxiliary components. Whatever you choose, we guarantee that you’ll be pleased with the way our custom drum cases keep your entire kit safe and secure before and after the show. Please don’t hesitate to ask us about the custom options we’re renowned for! 

RoadCasesUSA carries a wide variety of drum and drum flight cases for everyone from amateur jam’ers and gig’ers to road crews and touring musicians. We have been a trusted supplier of top-quality, rock-bottom-priced drum cases for close to 36 years, constantly refining our approach, our products and our pledge to outstanding customer fulfillment. Our free shipping offer certainly doesn’t hurt our high rate of customer satisfaction either! Call us today at 1-877-824-3199 for custom sizing or more information on all of our pre-built and custom drum cases.

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