Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Equipment Cases

Keeping your gear and equipment well protected during storage and transport is essential to maintenance to ensure that your equipment is in top working condition. Purchasing the right equipment cases can mean the difference between gear that lasts a lifetime or damaged gear requiring early replacement.

Before deciding what type of equipment cases might be best for you and your gear, you need to consider the type of gear you have and where you’ll be storing it, as well how you’ll transport it. If your gear is rather small, or you only have a few components, then you’ll benefit by purchasing something easily portable. Portable equipment cases are lightweight yet still provide suitable protection for equipment provided the equipment isn’t jostled in transit too much.

If you plan on transporting equipment via truck or airplane, you’ll probably want to invest in something more durable and offering more protection such as hard equipment cases. These types of equipment cases feature more durable, sturdy construction and typically have foam padding on the inside. They are well suited for rugged travel and are usually ATA-rated.

ATA equipment cases are built to specified standards specially created for these types of cases to meet the minimum durability requirements for air travel. This doesn’t necessarily mean that non-ATA cases can’t be transported via plane, but there will be limits to a liability claim if equipment is damaged during transport.

For a wide selection of ATA equipment cases, contact RoadCasesUSA. If you still aren’t sure what type of equipment case would suit your needs best, you can contact them for additional information and assistance. Custom size ATA cases are also available upon request.

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