Shared Music Review

Shared Music Review is an online community where artists can build profile pages and share music directly with the people that matter most – the fans. Fans rate and review songs, albums and artists to help expose and promote artists and their music. At Shared Music Review, it’s all about public opinion. Your opinion. Call it a Musicocracy.

The people behind Shared Music Review are genuine music fans. We’ve spent decades faithfully following the reviews of traditional music critics. With tremendous respect to the art of the music critic, it’s time to let the fans take over. After all, what’s more fair and honest than letting the people who buy the music rate and review the music as well? That’s where you come in.

If you’re an artist, submit your music and set up a profile. We’re passionate about helping emerging artists of all genres gain exposure.

If you’re a fan, start listening, rating, and reviewing. Help the artists earn a Shared Music Review Rating. You may just find your new favorite artist on Shared Music Review.

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