Shipping Cases for Transporting Musical Instruments

Musicians love their instruments, except when it comes time to ship them somewhere. Vulnerable to damage in transit, temperature and humidity changes and other hazards of travel, musical instruments can be tough travelers. RoadCasesUSA helps musicians love their instruments no matter what with ATA shipping cases that make all types of travel easy, safe and worry-free.

Air travel can be achieved with ATA shipping cases, which adhere to the strictest ATA standards. Still, it’s best to follow a few tips for the safety of your much loved instrument. Bring your case as a carry-on if it isn’t too large as baggage handlers are often on a time crunch and not known to be particularly delicate with the way they handle baggage. Direct flights are best as it will reduce the number of times your instrument is handled. Check your instrument for damage before leaving the airport; if you notice any, you are in the perfect place to address your customer service complaint.

If you wish to ship your instruments, certain practices will make this go more smoothly. A stringed instrument should be loosened to allow ‘play’in order to protect it against changes in pressure or temperature. Your case should be lined on the inside with as much extra padding as possible. Mark it on the outside as “Fragile.” Make sure your instrument has its own luggage tag with your contact information on it in case it is misplaced.

Although RoadCasesUSA is known around the country for crafting the most durable shipping cases for any type of travel, it’s always best to be prepared! Furthermore, it’s also a good idea to choose a case series that most directly reflects your travel and shipping needs. The TuffBox Series is an awesome alternative to heavier and more costly ATA cases. The Hybrid Series is made for medium duty transit needs. The Roadie Series of shipping cases are constructed with ATA standards in mind. These are top of the line and the best choice for shipping or air travel.

Interested in asking questions about ATA shipping cases or making your purchase for the ultimate in air travel and shipping security? Give us a call at (877) 824-3199.

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