The Benefits of Guitar Effects Cases

Effects pedal units come in such flavors as compressor, octave generator, overdrive, distortion, fuzz, EQ, tremolo and wah-wah and are a great way to add character and a sonic edge to your music. Keeping effects pedals protected from damage while gigging or on the road is a serious problem for guitarists and bassists that can be solved with a quality guitar effects case

Our cases are great for musicians to use in the studio as well as during live performances. Guitar effects cases allow musicians to keep their effects pedals and tuners well-organized and protected. Effects pedals are expensive and meant to last a long time and accidents can happen virtually anywhere, so keeping them safe and secure whether on the road or around the home is vitally important to their survival throughout the years.

We know effects pedals come in different sizes and a lack of customizability can cause issues for musicians, so we offer our guitar effects cases in a variety of sizes. Our extensive line of pedal cases and pedal board cases, designed by our knowledgeable specialists come in 24”, 28” and 32” sizes. You can also call us at 1-877-824-3199 for custom sizes. 

Being able to grab your guitar effects cases and pedals quickly is especially important since playing live music or laying down tracks in a studio is such a time-sensitive undertaking. When you buy a guitar effects case from us, we guarantee you’ll have the perfect all-purpose remedy to keep you from having to continually pack and unpack your gear.

Built for sturdiness, reliability and ease of use, RoadCasesUSA guitar effects cases are the premier choice in equipment transportand protection. Their unique designs is further distinguished by their rough and tumble durability. Choosing to utilize a guitar effects case for your gear is the best solution for its secure travel for many years.  

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