The Fusion of Metal, Samba and Powerful Environmental Awareness Makes BLACK OIL Stand Alone!

2011 is the year for BLACK OIL. During this year alone, the Brazilian / California-based metal band finished recording their upcoming major release, “Not Under My Name,” recorded and produced by Logan Mader (Soulfly, Gojira ,Devildriver) at Edge of the Earth Studios in Hollywood ,Ca., generated four music videos ”Numn, Terrorization,Cpu-Samba” and the up coming video “Amazonia”, headlined the Tattoo Expo in both California and Tijuana, Mexico and are now preparing for a U.S. tour in October and November. The fusion of metal, samba and powerful environmental awareness makes BLACK OIL stand alone., South America’s #1 website for metal gave “Not Under My Name” its highest score and even compared it to the significance of SEPULTURA’s “Roots,” a landmark album in metal.

The 2nd album from BLACK OIL is brazenly political and isn’t afraid to speak the truth. Songs like “Eyes Of Gaza” and “Terrorization” have already been raising eyebrows. A limited edition of “NUMN” was released in January 2011 for South American distribution and radio play. A wide variety of radio stations and internet stations have been playing “Great Divide” and “Amazonia,” including KISS fm in Brazil, Radio Vertical fm104.7, Radio UDG and Xpression 88.7 in Mexico and many college and web radios around the world .The video for “Terrorization” has also made regular circulation on ALL-TV in Brazil and on Headbang TV Sweden.

Formed in January 2006, BLACK OIL has traveled across both the U.S. Mexico and South America, with tours that have gone from Tijuana to the very southern tip of Brazil. They have co-headlined with many bands, including CAVALERA CONSPIRACY, OTEP, PATHOLOGY, DESTRUCTION, CJ RAMONE, ASESINO, THROWDOWN, and WINDS OF PLAGUE to name a few. They played with ASESINO at Slidebar in Anaheim CA, with Cavalera Conspiracy and Otep in Los Angeles and San Francisco, The Metal & Hardcore Festival in Puerto Rico, Hell and Heaven Metal Fest in Mexico played with Megadeth, Kataklysm, Destruction, Fear Factory where 25,000 fans cannot lie about the successful presentation!

BLACK OIL’s original sound comes from a unique blend of cultures and years of experience. The large-scale release of “Not Under My Name” and the coinciding “Amazonia” video will mark a new era in metal. Right now the video “Amazonia” is presenting in MTV Brazil.






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