What Type of Mixer Cases Should a DJ Use?

The unique thing about DJs is that the kind of equipment they use and the sizes of their rigs vary greatly from DJ to DJ. There’s certainly not one generally accepted setup, and there are many ways to create a unique DJ station. That being said, reliable and durable cases to protect these often-complex setups are essential for DJs on the go.  Choosing the right mixer case depends on many different factors and Road Cases USA makes it possible to design cases to fit any DJ’s needs. 

When transporting a mixer, every aspect of the console needs to be secured and protected. Faders, control knobs, inputs, and wiring are all vital components and it is imperative that they be properly protected. By securing your mixer in a flight case, transporting and traveling will never be stress and hassle free. Depending on what you’re doing with your DJ equipment, a medium-duty mixer flight case is a great and extremely dependable option. Road Cases USA’s ATA constructed medium-duty mixer cases are constructed with ¼” plywood and foam protected interior lining to ensure that your mixer is safe and secure in any situation. A lighter duty option is often more economical but just as reliable as a heavier duty mixer case, and prices can vary depending on what is needed. 

A great option for a mixer case from Road Cases USA is the Dual CD/Mixer Slide Back Console. ATA constructed with ¼” plywood, medium ball corners, foam interior, and recessed hardware, this case has is built with space a 10” or 19” mixer, a laptop, dual CD players, and a 4-space, 16” deep rack. One of the biggest factors to consider when choosing a mixer flight case is the size of your mixer. That’s where ordering a custom case can really come in handy!

Let’s say you’ve got a large DJ setup with multiple pieces of gear, and you’re looking for a mobile rig that can easily transport your entire rig and also allow for a simple, streamlined setup. Road Cases USA can make it happen! Any configuration you can imagine, it can be done! All it takes is one phone call to get the ball rolling and soon after, your dream DJ setup will become a reality. Of course, when choosing the right mixer case, whether it’s custom or otherwise, make sure that you always measure the dimensions of your mixer toc ensure that it will fit properly in your case so that it is 100% secure. A durable and dependable case that fits your mixer can potentially save it from accidents and ensure that it’s transported safely! 

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