Using Light Cases to Protect Lighting Equipment

Light cases are essential to keep your equipment safe during travel. Whether you’re moving lights from the car to a venue or across the country, light cases will ensure that your lighting equipment will get where it needs to be without damage. Lighting equipment is very expensive so it’s best to take all of the necessary precautions to guarantee that the lights will not be damaged in transit.  If you are thinking about purchasing light cases, there are several benefits to making the investment.


While this is the most obvious reason to invest in light cases, it’s also the most important. Light cases are specifically designed to protect your lights during travel. Light equipment is very sensitive and simply dropping a boom six inches can damage the equipment beyond repair. When you invest in light cases you can be sure that your lights will not be affected by bumps in the road, turbulent flights or mishandling.


There are many different types of lighting equipment and there are even more types of cases. When you invest in light cases you will have the option of getting customized cases for your specific model. These cases can be lined with foam that has been cut to the exact specifications of your equipment. Almost all lighting equipment can be molded for specific cases. This gives you the peace of mind you want when transporting your lighting equipment from venue to venue.


Light cases will protect your equipment from the hazards of travel, but they also make things much easier when you are on the road. When you have multiple cases you will be able to keep everything organized. Keeping lighting equipment organized throughout your trip can make set ups and teardowns much faster. Being able to organize your lighting based on size or model with specific cases can make loading after layovers that much easier.

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