Visually Stunning Lighting Cases

For DJ’s or party professionals, a good lighting system is an integral part of a solid set-up. Great lighting road case options, however, will protect the investment that your set-up represents. This makes lighting cases for LED’s, moving heads and more an absolute must.

RoadCasesUSA offers a variety of custom cases for the traveling entertainment professional:

The PAR-LED “8 in 1” Medium Duty ATA Case fits 8 standard sizes from Par 38 to 64 lights. Its interior walls are carpet-lined providing advanced gear protection. It also features friction-fit inner dividers with thin poly foam laminate. For maximum external protection, this lighting road case is made with ¼” heavy plywood, a black vinyl laminate, heavy gauge aluminum extrustions, rust-resistant plated recessed fittings and steel corners.

RoadCasesUSA’s single moving head/rotating ATA lighting cases are custom-made using a large library of dimensions, brands and models.  Our high quality lighting cases include thick gauge aluminum and heavy gauge ball corners with casters and sturdy plywood for the best protection against the shocks and bumps that will inevitably happen while on the road.

LED PAR multi-lights 6-in-1 Medium Duty ATA Cases feature expert designs that bridge the gap between affordability, durability and portability. They feature lightweight plywood, heavy nubtex vinyl laminate, thick dense poly foam lining, dividers and more in 4 convenient sizes, making them a great travel and protection solution.

Lighting road cases are a must for any event outfitter or gig’ing DJ. Make sure to select one that suits your travel schedule, style and of course, your love for awesome lighting equipment and great party events. For more information or to purchase your lighting road case, call RoadCasesUSA today at (877) 824-3199.

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