Writers Cafe

Our friend Stacy Perry is a Writer/Published Poet who has won 3 Editor Choice Awards. 1 for November 2006, 1 for December 2008 and 1 for the entire year of January [beginning] 2009. Check her out at Writers Cafe – Stacy M. Perry

Look for some pretty cool announcements from Stacy in the next few weeks, they promise to be pretty special.

In the meantime she has co- written 2 songs with her fiance as well as written a short story; “Death Took My Heart” in which a Metal Opera by Tom Haumann from Germany has written the music. He has written parts 1 and 2 thus far.

Tom shall also be writing the music to the lyrics I wrote for “Love Is The Slowest Form Of Suicide” by mid next year and putting it upon his album.

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