You Tube: More Views For Your Music

With a whopping 3 billion videos viewed everyday, it’s no wonder that YouTube is one of the best ways to get exposure for your music. However, you face the same challenges everybody does when using YouTube: How to get more views? You want to shoot for a spot among the Daily Most Viewed Videos. You have a 48 hour window from the time you post your video to make this ranking. After this, your video is relegated to the Weekly Most Viewed before heading off the list. It’s a dog-eat-dog world in YouTube land. Fortunately, there are some ways to boost the odds of getting more views with little or no expense on your part.


Keywords can be placed in descriptions, tags or directly into your video. For a music-related clip, the obvious choice is the title of the song or performance and the artist. If it’s a live performance or concert footage, throw in the name of the city, date and venue. People looking for music-related videos on YouTube are likely to search within those categories. Avoid using terms like “the best” or “amazing,” these tend be overused and will not do much to spike your views. Be as descriptive about the music as possible. Include the genre, such as techno, rock or emo. If an artist is not widely know, people generally search by genre.

Share and Link Videos

As an artist, you probably have a website or a blog. Place a link to your YouTube video on your site, page or blog. Include your website info at the end of your YouTube video. Usually, it’s something like “Visit the listed website for more.” Reach out to other bloggers who are interested in your music and ask them to post links to your videos. This helps generate fan support and relieves you of the task of running multiple blogs and forums. Send a link to your video to email lists. This is only effective with recipients who accept emails with video links or images. Don’t forget to post your videos on Facebook and other similar accounts. Never under estimate the power of social networks; their reach is growing by the minute.

Encourage Remixes or Video Tributes

When people like a song or artist, they tend to post videos of themselves singing along or take it upon themselves to do a remix. Encourage fans to do this. Consider making your own YouTube channel to include all related videos, tributes and remixes in one place. Encourage participation by inviting your viewers to post comments. People love to think they’ve “discovered” a new artist. Respond to as many comments as possible. Don’t forget to include links to your Facebook page or website in your response posts. This directs people back to your videos.

Be Direct and Informative

Keep your keywords, phrases and comments short, direct and informative. Keeping it short applies to the length of your videos, titles and descriptions associated with your video. Normally, a video should be about 15-30 seconds long, but music videos are the exception. Videos should be the length of a typical song, about 4 minutes or so. If you are posting a lengthy performance clip, break it down into bite-sized clips. Take comments and use them as quotes during the song or simply list the lyrics or upcoming concert dates. The more information you can cram into your video clip, the better.

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